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Forest Hills Women's Health Center Shares What Pregnant Women Can Do to Stay Healthy December 26, 2017

Forest Hills, Queens
Forest Hills Women's Health Center Shares What Pregnant Women Can Do to Stay Healthy, Queens, New York

Maintaining optimum health is never more important than when you’re pregnant. In addition to having a trusted OB-GYN and women’s health experts aiding in your care, there are also steps you can take to ensure you remain healthy. For women in Forest Hills, NY, Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center will gladly support you along the way. Along with the many women’s health services offered to pregnant women, this clinic also assists with pain management, immunology issues, and a number of other essential health care concerns.

A Happy, Healthy Pregnancy: 3 Tips From a New York OB-GYN

Create a Plan

When you first learn you’re pregnant, your mind should be set on the next nine months. This entails scheduling an exam as soon as possible, stopping both smoking and drinking, beginning a vitamin regimen, and focusing on eating healthy, fulfilling foods. Doing so will allow you to remain healthy for the duration of your pregnancy, which is crucial for both you and your baby.

Set Up a Support Network

women's healthIn terms of emotional needs, you should have a strong support network around you. This can include friends and family, who should be willing to help tend to both your physical as well as emotional needs. For instance, if you have a difficult pregnancy you might need assistance with daily tasks. Pregnancy can also result in a range of emotions, and having a shoulder to lean on can make a world of difference.

Be Aware of Possible Issues

It’s no secret that most pregnant women experience a range of unpleasant symptoms and conditions. However, it’s important to know the difference between common symptoms and more serious issues. Excessive nausea and/or vomiting, dizziness, and rapid heartbeat should all be assessed by a medical professional. These symptoms could indicate a serious condition in need of treatment, or could even signal a premature birth.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment with a respected women’s health care team in Forest Hills, Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center will assist you. Call (718) 275-8900 to arrange an appointment with this kind and caring staff.