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3 Reasons to Take Your First Date Out for Pizza December 25, 2017

Trumbull, Fairfield County
3 Reasons to Take Your First Date Out for Pizza, Trumbull, Connecticut

First dates are always nerve-wracking. Between picking the perfect outfit, brainstorming conversation topics, and deciding where to go, there’s a lot to think about. To ease your mind, Crown Pizza of Trumbull, CT, suggests taking your date out for pizza. Instead of going to an extravagant restaurant where you’ll both feel the pressure, stick to simplicity.

Why You Should Go Out for Pizza on a First Date

1. Comfortable Atmosphere

pizzaSome people expect to go to a fancy restaurant on a first date, but most can agree they make for uncomfortable settings. If you don’t follow the proper etiquette in these establishments, you can risk embarrassing your date. Not to mention, being in such a serious, romantic atmosphere can increase the pressure on both of you to make the date go perfectly. Pizza restaurants promote a much more relaxed environment in which you and your date can get to know each other. It’ll be much easier for you to loosen up and enjoy good company over a warm, delicious pizza.

2. Not Too Expensive, Too Not Cheap

No one wants to appear cheap on a first date, and if you aren’t swimming in money, coming up with the cash to go all out can be tricky. Compromise by going to a casual Italian restaurant. Italian food is a universal favorite that won’t cost a fortune. You no longer need to worry about selecting the cheapest item on the menu or shelling out for your date’s filet mignon. Pizza restaurants serve up affordable food everyone can enjoy.

3. Pizza Is Sharable

Getting romantic on the first date can be awkward for some, but sharing food is both intimate and laid-back. When you order a pizza, you can split the toppings half and half. While their choice may not determine compatibility, it might say a lot about them. If they’re getting all veggies, they might be a vegetarian. Do they only order pepperoni? Perhaps they enjoy the simple things in life. When you share, you also get to eat your favorite style and reveal a bit about yourself.

Instead of trying to impress your date with fancy food and an awkward atmosphere, show them how down-to-earth you are. Bring them to Crown Pizza, where the food is made fresh and the pies are downright delectable. Choose from a wide variety of toppings and specialty items so both you and your date get your favorites. To learn more about their menu, call (203) 268-3700 today or visit their website.

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