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What to Expect When Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney January 2, 2018

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What to Expect When Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney, Rochester, New York

Applicants for Social Security disability benefits often discover the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies their initial claims. To ensure they receive compensation, many people turn to a lawyer. But what should you expect from your representative? Here, a dedicated disability attorney from Vincent J. Criscuolo & Associates in Rochester, NY, answers some common questions about this topic. 

FAQs About Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney

What Happens During My First Call to the Lawyer?

The attorney or an associate will interview you to gather the facts of your case and decide whether they will represent you. If the lawyer accepts the case, it’s highly likely they expect to win, as they do not receive attorney fees if their clients’ applications are not approved by the SSA.

How Will My Attorney Prepare My Medical Evidence?

disability attorneyTo obtain your medical records, your disability lawyer will ask you to sign a release form. They will then approach the appropriate party to request the records they need to prove your claim. At the right time before your hearing, they will submit your documentation to the SSA. Attorneys typically pay the costs of obtaining records and bill their clients, who reimburse them when their cases end.

Will My Disability Lawyer Help Me Prepare for the Hearing?

Yes. Either over the phone or in person, they will review the hearing process with you and ask you questions you’ll need to answer on the actual day. The subjects include describing your symptoms, your education and skills, any drugs or medications you take, and how you spend your days.

How Will My Disability Attorney Prove My Case?

The strategy adopted for the case depends on your condition. Your Social Security disability lawyer will try to show you meet a disability listing, cannot do your previous job or adjust to another kind of work on the “grid,” or cannot perform a sedentary job. 

At Vincent J. Criscuolo & Associates, the Social Security disability attorneys offer dedicated and compassionate legal services to individuals seeking benefits. The staff members always answer the phone and make your case information available so you never have to wait for someone to speak with you. If you need to apply for benefits or were denied, call (585) 232-3240 to schedule your free consultation. For more about the practice, visit their website.

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