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How to Cope With a Loved One's Death During the Holidays December 20, 2017

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How to Cope With a Loved One's Death During the Holidays, Henrietta, New York

Friends and family often come together during the holidays. While cooking feasts and opening presents, they may bond over shared memories of past holidays. If you’ve recently lost a loved one, they will most likely enter your thoughts during the holiday season. According to the bereavement services specialists at Lifetime Care, with locations throughout New York’s Finger Lakes region, a few strategies can make coping with death during the holidays easier. 

Bereavement Service Offers Advice to Cope With Death During the Holidays


Grieving can be an isolating experience. Although the holiday season is meant for socializing, it can be difficult to find the motivation to attend Christmas parties and other gatherings. If you are alone, attend at least one outing. Spending time with close friends and family will help elevate your mood by taking your mind off the death.

Acknowledge the Loss

bereavement-servicesIf the deceased loved one was a fixture at holiday functions, their absence will be felt by everyone in the family. Although some might be inclined to avoid talking about the person, acknowledging the loss will help with the grieving process. One way to honor the family member is by setting a special place for them at the dinner table. 

Don’t Forget About the Kids

While coping with death during the holidays, pay attention to the children’s needs. As hard as it can be for adults to process loss, it’s even more difficult for kids. They might not feel like participating in many events, so limit the number of functions on the family calendar.

If you are struggling with loss, the professionals at Lifetime Care in Rochester, NY, will help you through this trying time. From individual counseling to group therapy sessions, they offer various bereavement services to help you heal. To find a location near you, call (585) 214-1000 today. Visit the home healthcare providers and hospice online to explore the bereavement services they provide, and like them on Facebook for updated information.

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