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Car crashes into Heyob fuel semi March 16, 2015

Harrison, Hamilton
Car crashes into Heyob fuel semi, Harrison, Ohio

In February a car with two young people ran a red light and broadsided one of our Heyob fuel semis in the Cincinnati area. As you will see by watching the video, the car was traveling very fast and hit the truck at a high speed. Thankfully, no one was injured in this accident.

The Heyob semi was driven by Adam Riehle, one of our most capable employees. His knowledge of the trailer and tactics to employ to minimize the spill were critically important to the emergency response groups that arrived on scene. Adam also assisted with on-scene rescue and clean-up.

Obviously of greatest importance to Heyob and Premier Companies is the continued diligence we employ to reduce the risks of an accident taking place. But once we are in the midst of an emergency, it is important that we are knowledgeable and prepared to protect life and property. We train annually for handling emergencies, and that training proved vital in this situation.

To view the video, click play below or visit https://youtu.be/hYrYrFhTG38.

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