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Why You Should Always Spay or Neuter Your Pets December 26, 2017

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Why You Should Always Spay or Neuter Your Pets, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

When it comes to pet care, spaying and neutering can be a contentious issue. People often argue against doing so for a variety of reasons, but the benefits of these procedures far outweigh any potential risks. If you plan to adopt a new pet soon and you’re on the fence about spaying or neutering, turn to Animal Health Care Center North in Rhinelander, WI. Their compassionate staff will be happy to answer all of your questions on the subject and ultimately, ease your mind about scheduling the spay or neuter procedure for your furry friend.

3 Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

1. Health Benefits

Spaying female cats and dogs before their first heat will prevent uterine infections and reduce the risk of breast cancer, which has a 90% fatality rate in cats. Likewise, neutering male dogs will prevent life-threatening diseases that can affect their reproductive organs, like testicular cancer. 

2. Behavioral Benefits

spayWhen you do not spay or neuter your pet, their biological urge to reproduce will remain in full force, which can result in unwanted, destructive, and even potentially dangerous behaviors. For example, intact male dogs will always be on the prowl for females to mate with, which means they are more likely to run away, fight with other dogs, and take out their frustration on you, your loved ones, or the items in your home.

3. Financial Benefits

Even if you don’t plan to actively breed your pets, there is always the chance of a female cat or dog getting pregnant if she is not spayed. Raising an unanticipated litter of puppies or kittens might seem exciting at first, but it could ultimately cost thousands in vet bills, food, and pet sitting, and that’s only if you have the litter for a few months. 

Failing to spay or neuter your pets can also cost society. The Humane Society of the United States reports that up to eight million unwanted animals enter shelters annually. Sadly, less than half of them end up finding forever homes.

If you’ve recently adopted a puppy or kitten and need to schedule a spay or neuter procedure, turn to Animal Health Care Center North in Rhinelander, WI. The friendly staff is proud to provide exceptional care in a clean, modern facility. Check out the website to learn more about the comprehensive care they provide, or call (715) 365-8387 to make an appointment.