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5 Crucial House Painting Rules to Remember December 26, 2017

East Mountian, Waterbury
5 Crucial House Painting Rules to Remember, Waterbury, Connecticut

Do you have dingy walls or paint that is buckling, bubbling, or peeling? Although it might seem simple to run to your nearest home improvement store, pick up a few supplies, and start your project, painting is more difficult than most people realize. Here are a few tips to help you along the way. 

House Painting Rules to Remember

1. Focus on Prep Work 

Before you whip out the paint trays and rollers, do everything you can to protect your home. Since rolled paint can splatter even when applied perfectly, cover your flooring, baseboards, furniture, and electronics. When you are finished, remove the painter’s tape carefully to prevent chips and flaking. 

2. Buy High-Quality Materials

Like any other market, there are different grades of paint and associated products available on the market, and it’s best to invest only in ones that are top quality. In addition to providing you with better coverage, higher-quality paints also dry faster and produce fewer odors. 

3. Watch the Weather

paintingPaint dries best when the weather is dry and moderately warm, so resist the temptation to open all your windows and turn off your HVAC system. Before you buy paint, check to see which temperatures it is rated for, and make sure your home is warm enough for the project. As a general rule of thumb, most indoor latex paints should only be applied when the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

4. Don’t Rush

Instead of trying to hurry through the project, focus on taking your time and doing your best work. By paying attention to paint edges, coverage, and brush strokes, you can improve the results and reduce problems like drips. 

5. Cut the Tape for a Clean Edge

After the paint has dried and you are ready to remove the tape, avoid the urge to rip it off in one fell swoop. Instead, use a utility knife to gently cut a line alongside the tape before removing it. In addition to creating a perfect edge, you will also be creating a small divot in the paint near the baseboard, making it easier to paint perfectly in the future. 


Painting on your own isn’t always easy, so work with Armend's Painting and Home Improvement to ensure the job goes off without a hitch. Serving Hartford, CT, this family-owned and -operated business offers everything from professional indoor and outdoor painting to remodeling and landscaping. For a complimentary quote on your next project, send them a note online, or call (203) 597-7179.

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