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How Are Homeowners Associations Vital to Property Management? December 27, 2017

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How Are Homeowners Associations Vital to Property Management?, Honolulu, Hawaii

“Home” is more than an address; it’s the people, places, and amenities that make up a community. That’s why homeowners associations (HOA) and property management companies work together to keep homes safe, clean, and welcoming. If you live in a neighborhood, there’s a good chance you belong to an HOA. Membership typically requires a monthly fee, but you get a lot back in return. Here’s a little insight into what an HOA does and why it’s important.

The Purpose of Your HOA

property managementWhile the HOA in your community has many responsibilities, the main objective is to ensure all homeowners and renters receive their basic rights—which include feeling safe and proud to live where they do. On a local level, it’s the democratic representation that promotes the best interests of all residents, and the goal is to build a sense of community among neighbors and ensure everyone is satisfied and their needs are being met. Community members elect the HOA leaders and voice their opinions about ways to improve the living situation and appearance of the neighborhood. An HOA will help owners with rental homes protect their investments and give families somewhere to grow and thrive.

Specific Responsibilities

The trees that line the roadway, the community park, the roads themselves—everything falls under an HOA’s responsibility. Shared public areas are maintained and made possible thanks to the membership fees and the work accomplished by their leadership. They organize community clean-ups and resolve safety hazards such as dead trees, potholes, and other related issues. Outside of the shared spaces, the HOA also regulates the policies that keep a community looking good and functioning properly, such as building permits, property management, and lawn regulations.


In Hawaii, many of the best HOAs work alongside Associa Hawaii, a property management and real estate service based out of Honolulu. They do everything from routine clean-up in common areas to assisting with insurance and ensuring all state and local regulations and codes are met.  If your community needs a reliable property management company, call (808) 836-0911 to speak with a representative today. To learn more about what sets them apart, visit their website.

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