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The History of Recreational Rock Climbing February 16, 2018

Hawthorne, Passaic
The History of Recreational Rock Climbing, Hawthorne, New Jersey

You may have noticed that rock climbing classes are becoming more common. Due to the growing popularity of this outdoor sport, many facilities are building indoor climbing and bouldering areas so that people can practice after dark and in any weather. Elite Gymnastics in Hawthorne, NJ, offers classes on their professionally sculpted rock climbing wall. Read on to learn more about the activity that children and adults of all ages find exhilarating.

Rock Climbing ClassesWhat Is Recreational Rock Climbing?

Rock climbing is the sport of scaling a wall using specialized equipment and techniques. Climbers are strapped into harnesses to protect them from slipping or falling. Wearing custom shoes that typically feature a rubber toe, athletes ascend using the strength of their entire body while plotting the best route. For this reason, rock climbing classes are considered to be full body workouts that also engage the mind. 

How Did the Sport Begin?

Although people have been climbing mountains for a long time, it’s believed that the sport of recreational rock climbing started in Europe at the end of the 19th century. Over the next several decades, new techniques and devices were added to make the activity less hazardous. By the 1920’s, dedicated rock climbers began to share techniques designed to enhance climbing, and a new sport was born.

How Has Recreational Rock Climbing Evolved?

Today, recreational rock climbing is an activity that the entire family can enjoy. New technology includes the development of shoes that grip effectively, sophisticated rope systems, and comfortable harnesses. Rock climbing classes are widely available and continue to gain popularity.

If you’re curious about trying this exciting and engaging activity,  rock climbing classes are a great way to explore your new interest. Elite Gymnastics serves the communities in Passaic County, Bergen County, and the surrounding areas. Their swimming, rock climbing, and gymnastics classes help children and adults develop strength and coordination. To learn more about their offerings, visit them online or call (973) 423-4040.

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