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3 Tips for Making a Funeral or Memorial Service More Personal January 9, 2018

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3 Tips for Making a Funeral or Memorial Service More Personal, North Haven, Connecticut

In the difficult time of grief after a loved one’s passing, one of the most meaningful tributes a family can make is to plan a funeral or memorial service that honors the deceased. It’s important to make sure the identity and personality of the person who passed are celebrated through the rituals of the service. Here is a guide for making a funeral or memorial service more personal. 

3 Suggestions for Personalizing a Funeral or Memorial Service

1. Play a Favorite Song

One way to bring some of the deceased’s passions to the day is to play one of their favorite songs at a certain point in the service. By asking for a moment of silence as the music plays, it will give everyone a chance to reflect on their friend or family member. Since the individual will only be present in spirit, the music is a way of having their identity honored. 

2. Offer a Seed for Planting

funeralSometimes, there’s nothing a guest can do except grieve and offer consolation. When you give people a seed to plant on behalf of the deceased, you allow them to take a concrete action. While that can help healing, it can also allow them to create their own memorial for the person who has passed on. 

3. Incorporate Personal Remembrances

Remembering the deceased is often a very personal matter and cannot always be communicated in spoken words. Whether you offer attendees stones or stationary, they can take the time to write down meaningful memories they shared with the deceased. Not only will these tokens deepen the feelings, but they’ll also provide a unique aspect to the burial. They can also be collected and offered to the family as a storehouse of remembrances. 


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