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Local Moving Company Shares a List of Supplies You’ll Need for a Move January 10, 2018

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Local Moving Company Shares a List of Supplies You’ll Need for a Move, Honolulu, Hawaii

Whether you’re moving across the country or one street over, you’ll need the right moving supplies to ensure a fast and efficient process. In this case, a moving company can assist you in finding the supplies you need, and in Honolulu, HI, Westpac International is well-known for smart and efficient service. They even offer temporary storage in the event that you and your belongings arrive before your new home or apartment is ready.

5 Must-Have Supplies From a Moving Company

1. Packing Tape

When getting tape for a move, it’s important to get tape that’s strong enough to take a bit of wear and tear. This can include packing tape, which will adhere tightly to boxes to ensure they’re adequately sealed. Other good options include masking tape, shipping tape, and duct tape.

2. Boxes

moving companyYou’ll need to get a few different sized boxes to accommodate your belongings. When packing boxes, remember not to make them too heavy. Also, try to refrain from packing smaller items in large boxes. It will be harder to secure delicate items in this case, and you could risk a lot of damage if boxes are mishandled.

3. Packing Materials

Packing materials will help keep your belongings secure during transit. Packing peanuts are one possible option, as is packing foam, bubble wrap, and packing paper. Wrap paper around delicate items and carefully place them in a box of an appropriate size for the best results.

4. Dolly

You should also pick up a dolly or hand truck, which will help you easily and safely transport boxes. If you don’t own a hand truck, most moving companies will allow you to borrow them during your trip.

5. Markers for Labeling

Lastly, pick up some markers to label boxes once they arrive in your new home. The last thing you need when unpacking is confusion, and if boxes aren’t labeled, the process is bound to get trickier. Mark the top of boxes with a description of its contents, as well as the room it belongs in.

Westpac International has the means to undertake even the most complex long-distance moves, which allows them to offer top-quality service to local clients. Visit them online for a complete list of moving services available to Honolulu residents. If you have questions about your specific move, feel free to call (808) 845-9711 today.

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