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Veterinarian Shares 3 Points to Remember About Senior Dogs December 28, 2017

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Veterinarian Shares 3 Points to Remember About Senior Dogs, Waynesboro, Virginia

Just like a human, when a dog gets older, its medical needs, vitality, and physical condition change. That’s why it’s important to schedule regular visits with your veterinarian. At Woodworth Animal Hospital in Waynesboro, VA, they’ll monitor your dog’s health as they grow old, helping you keep them as comfortable and happy as possible throughout their later years. Below, their professionals share three steps for taking care of your senior dog. 

Veterinarians Share 3 Things To Know About Aging Dogs

1. Keep Them Active

Your dog’s joints and muscles will stay strong during their senior years if they get the exercise they need. However, make sure you’re not pushing them beyond their limits. For a large dog, walking around the block is barely a workout—for a smaller one, that might be more than enough. Keep an eye on them to make sure they’re not overexerting themselves, and if they do develop any issues, take them to the veterinarian immediately. 

Veterinarian-Waynesboro-VA2. Modify Their Diet

Seeing a veterinarian on a regular basis allows you to track your dog’s weight more easily. That means you can make adjustments to their diet if need be. While some dogs lose weight as they age, requiring a fortified diet with fatty acids and essential nutrients, others gain more than is healthy. Discuss their weight with a professional so you can make the appropriate dietary changes.

3. Keep Playing

As your dog gets older, they probably won’t be as lively as they were when they were just a puppy. That doesn’t mean you should just let them sit around the house all day. Continue to interact with them and play games, especially food puzzles. Dogs can display signs of senility if they stop getting mental stimulation in their senior years.

For more advice, schedule an appointment at Woodworth Animal Hospital, in Waynesboro, VA. Combined, their veterinarians have nearly 80 years of experience. They know what it takes to keep your pets healthy throughout all stages of life. Visit them online for more information about their services or call (540) 942-5163 to schedule an appointment.

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