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3 Tips From an NYC Dry-Cleaning Service to Help You Care for Suede & Leather December 26, 2017

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3 Tips From an NYC Dry-Cleaning Service to Help You Care for Suede & Leather, Manhattan, New York

Leather and suede clothing and shoes are usually pricey purchases, so you want to ensure that you know how to keep the item in top-notch state once you get it home. According to Mr. Anthony Cleaners, a dry-cleaning service in New York City, when you properly take care of your leather and suede belongings, they can easily last for many years, or even generations, to come. Below are a few tips they suggest following if you hope to hold on to your piece for this long.  

A Dry-Cleaning Service’s 3 Tips for Taking Care of Suede & Leather

1. Purchase a Suede Brush

Since suede clothing is made from the underlayer of skin, it is more supple and flexible—not to mention softer—than full-grain leather. Unfortunately, it also doesn’t possess the same tough exterior, which means it tends to get dirty faster and is harder to clean. A suede brush, with wire bristles on one side and rubber bristles on the other, is absolutely necessary and should be applied after each outing to remove any debris that might have accumulated on the item and prevent the nap, the soft fibers, from flattening out.  

2. Treat Accordingly

dry cleaning service nycBoth suede and leather will require periodical treating with polish, oil, or conditioners to protect the material from either losing moisture or becoming water permeable. Polish is often good for keeping leather shiny, but you might want to consider applying a conditioner to prevent it from drying out and cracking. You’ll also need to add a waterproofing spray to your suede or leather several times throughout the year, particularly in the winter or rainy seasons, to protect it from water damage.

3. Act Quickly & Carefully After Spills

It won’t take long for a spill to cause damage to your garment or shoes. To avoid this, you can apply an eraser to dry stains on suede and rub it lightly along the grain to pull up the offending spot. For wet stains on either leather or suede, blot it with a paper towel to raise the nap. Then, wipe it gently with a cloth and a dab of white vinegar. Use a second clean, damp cloth to wipe off the cleaning solution, and a third, dry towel to blot up all remaining moisture.

If you want to have zero doubts about the well-being of your leather or suede clothing, bring it to Mr. Anthony Cleaners. All first-time dry-cleaning service customers will receive 20% off. Stop by today, or visit their website to learn more about their services, including laundry drop off and delivery. You can also call them at (212) 689-8689 to have any of your questions answered.