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What Are the Legal Options for Domestic Violence & Abuse Victims? December 26, 2017

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What Are the Legal Options for Domestic Violence & Abuse Victims?, Albemarle, North Carolina

Domestic violence affects individuals of every gender, race, class, and educational background. If you have been the victim of such abuse, it is possible to bring litigation against your aggressor. In fact, through tort law, most acts result in both criminal and civil liability, meaning that you may be able to file a lawsuit in civil court. Below the attorneys at the Fulcher Law Firm in Albemarle, NC, discuss the legal options available under domestic violence law.  

How to Handle Domestic Violence

1. The Authorities & Hotlines

In North Carolina, victims of emotional and physical abuse are protected by a series of domestic violence laws. If you are currently injured or in immediate danger, you should call the local authorities immediately. If you are out of harm's way but still require immediate help, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE. Their advocates will connect you with local domestic violence service providers who can offer you shelter, support, and emergency aid.

2. Protective Orders

family lawOnce you are safe, your domestic violence law attorney can work to obtain a protective order on your behalf. These prohibit or limit contact initiated by your abuser. If violated, the aggressor may face arrest and jail time.

3. Civil Actions

Domestic abusers can face both criminal and civil actions simultaneously. As such, if you have been threatened or assaulted, you have the right to take out a warrant at your local magistrate. Your attorney may also file a civil lawsuit to obtain assistance, such as access to safe housing or temporary possession of your home. Depending on the situation, the court may award you temporary child custody and support. Additional court orders prohibit the aggressor from possessing a firearm or require that they attend a domestic violence treatment program.

If you are dealing with an abusive relationship and need a seasoned domestic violence law attorney in Albemarle, NC, turn to the compassionate team at the Fulcher Law Firm. Backed by over 16 years of experience, their lawyers focus on a variety of case areas, including criminal, family, and domestic violence law. Evening and weekend appointments are available. Contact the law firm online or call (704) 984-6060 to schedule an appointment today.

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