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5 Factors to Consider When Determining the Best Place To Live January 11, 2018

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5 Factors to Consider When Determining the Best Place To Live  , East Hampton, Connecticut

The choice of where you rent or buy your home, condo, or apartment is a critical one. The best real estate agent will tell you that your home’s location can have a huge impact on your daily mood and stress levels when it comes to things like your daily commute, proximity to work and social opportunities, and more. Read on for several key considerations to make when deciding where you ultimately want to call home and buy a house.

5 Elements of Location When You Buy a House

1. Employment Opportunities

buy a houseIf you are moving to a new, unfamiliar area, your home’s proximity to employment opportunities is critical to finding work in this new location. Additionally, any partners or adult family members living with you will also need access to employment. Taking time to research the job market before committing to living in a specific area is the best way to ensure you and your household won’t struggle with a lengthy commute.   

2. Top-Rated Schools

If you have children or are planning a family, proximity to good schools is another important consideration before you buy a house. Failing to look into the schools in your area could result in your child having to attend a subpar school due to the way the school district is mapped out. Doing your research before moving allows you to avoid filling out the time-consuming paperwork for open enrollment.

3. Social Scene

The local social scene is another great consideration to make while searching for a new dwelling. If going out on the town is important to you, make sure there are plenty of popular bars, restaurants, parks, and other forms of entertainment within a reasonable distance from your new address.

4. Commute & Transportation

Since most people have to commute to work or school throughout the week, the distance and difficulty of getting where you need to go can take a toll on your overall mood and your wallet. If your job is miles from your potential new address, you may find yourself sitting in traffic for hours each day. Additionally, if you live in a bigger city, consider what transportation options are available and how easily they can be accessed.

5. Health Care Facilities

Whether you have little ones, are caring for a senior family member, or have a medical condition that requires frequent medical visits, proximity to health care facilities is another major consideration to buy a house. Should there ever be an emergency, it’s important that you can always get yourself or a family member to a doctor in a reasonable amount of time.  


If you’re struggling to find a neighborhood to buy a house in, ask a real estate agent for suggestions. Located in West Haven, CT, the real estate experts at Dizenzo Residential Communities assist in finding a place to settle with comfort and convenience. Their friendly team ensures their community members have all of the benefits of traditional homeownership, but with lower costs and associated taxes. Call their friendly management staff at (203) 934-6637 to learn more about the affordable homes and community living available to you.

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