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What You Should Do Immediately After a DWI Arrest December 27, 2017

Tribeca, Manhattan
What You Should Do Immediately After a DWI Arrest, Manhattan, New York

A DWI conviction can have lasting repercussions on various aspects of your life. Fortunately, there are several strategic ways to fight the charges. The seasoned attorneys at the Law Offices of Iannuzzi and Iannuzzi in New York City explain that while some tactics depend on the details of the traffic stop and the strength of the evidence against you, there are a few steps you can take immediately after the arrest to protect your best interests.

3 Steps to Take Following a DWI Arrest

1. Document Everything You Remember

As soon as you have access to a pen and paper or a computer, write down everything you remember about the traffic stop, the arrest, and any subsequent criminal justice proceedings. No details are too minor for this report, which you should only show to an attorney. Try to recall why the officer claimed to have pulled you over in the first place, where the incident happened, and what kind of sobriety tests were administered.

2. Reach Out to Potential Witnesses

attorneyIf you were with anyone before, during, or immediately after the traffic stop, ask them to write down everything they remember as soon as possible, to ensure they don’t forget crucial details. Depending on their credibility and the circumstances of the case, your criminal defense lawyer may ask them to testify on your behalf once the court proceedings begin. 

3. Call an Attorney

Depending on your driving record and criminal history, your freedom may be at stake following the arrest. In addition to jail time, a DWI conviction could result in a lengthy license suspension. Because the consequences can be severe, it is essential to call a seasoned lawyer who has experience fighting such charges and knows how to negotiate for reduced penalties.  

If you are facing DWI charges in New York, turn to the Law Offices of Iannuzzi and Iannuzzi for quality counsel during every stage of the criminal proceedings. They provide clients with a safe and nonjudgmental environment where they can determine the best way to proceed. To learn more about the firm’s experience in criminal law and DWI defense, visit the website. To schedule an initial consultation with a seasoned attorney, call (212) 227-9595 today.