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Give Your Loved Ones Ballroom Dance Lessons This Holiday Season December 15, 2017

Hamden, New Haven County
Give Your Loved Ones Ballroom Dance Lessons This Holiday Season, Hamden, Connecticut

While anyone can gift classics like sweaters or socks, not everyone is thinking outside the box. Rather than giving an item, why not present an experience? With ballroom dance lessons, your loved ones will learn rhythm and timing, take a stab at new foot positions, and gain a new love for dance. At Hamden, CT’s Arthur Murray Dance Studio, you can learn the world’s most popular dances no matter what your goals, whether it’s getting some exercise or wowing the wedding party. Regardless of your age or skill level, becoming a master dancer is within reach. Here’s why lessons make an excellent gift.

ballroom dance lessonsAt Arthur Murray Dance Studio, gift-giving is easier than ever before. Buy a gift certificate on their website, and watch your loved ones tear up the floor. Gift certificates are available for $59.95 and never expire, so the lucky recipients can try ballroom dance lessons whenever they’re ready.

Viewed as one of the most expressive and glamorous forms of dance, ballroom dancing has stood the test of time. Its coordinated foot positions, brought together with careful rhythm and timing, help students bond as they slide across the floor. This makes it the perfect date night activity for couples—or singles wanting to bond with someone new.

The fancy footwork and classic movements translate to other forms of dance as well, making ballroom dance an excellent start before foraying into the foxtrot, tango, or whichever style your loved one desires.

Arthur Murray Dance Studio staffs professional instructors, ranging from amateur to master levels of teaching. Students receive either one-on-one or one-on-two training, working carefully with their instructors to obtain the desired results. Group lessons are an amenity for students, where they get to work out and socialize with dancers of all ages and skill levels.

Lessons are individually adjusted according to goals, so you’ll get exactly what you want out of your training. The full curriculum allows you start at the beginning and dance to your heart’s content, gaining new skills every step of the way. Whether your goals are short or long-term, Arthur Murray Dance Studio makes anything possible. 

Give your loved ones the experience of a lifetime with ballroom dance lessons from Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Time is running out, so get your gift card before the holidays. Visit their website to learn more about this incredible studio, or call (203) 288-2482 today to sign up for lessons.