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How Can a Chiropractor Help Relieve Headaches? January 10, 2018

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How Can a Chiropractor Help Relieve Headaches?, Archdale, North Carolina

“Throbbing,”  “sharp,” “dull”—there are many words that can be used to describe a headache, but “fun” isn’t one of them. And while medications can help offer temporary relief, those who face recurring pain may be better off seeing a chiropractor for treatment. Providing comprehensive pain relief services in Archdale, NC, Stroud Chiropractic Clinic explains how these specialists can treat aches in the head by manipulating the body.

Chiropractic Treatments for Headache Relief

Chiropractic Adjustments

While headaches are felt in the skull, they are typically caused by problems with nerves and blood vessels found elsewhere in the body. When joints—like those in the spine—become misaligned, they can compress nerves and tissues, which can impair circulation and trigger a pain response in the brain. Neck and spinal adjustments work to correct alignment, release pinched nerves, and restore healthy circulation to reduce symptoms, particularly those associated with tension and cluster headaches.

Massage Therapy

Due to increasing sedentary behavior, many people have grown used to remaining in a fixed position—such as working at a desk all day. This behavior can cause neck muscles to become stiff and stressed, which are both primary factors that contribute to tension headaches. Chiropractors can help reduce these effects by using targeted massage to reduce muscle tension and inflammation.

headacheCorrective Exercises

Poor posture and low activity can place a great deal of pressure on the joints and tissues in the body, eventually contributing to headache pain. To help prevent headaches from recurring, a chiropractor may recommend a variety of corrective exercises and stretches to help improve posture and strengthen muscles.

Non-Medicated Relief

When people face recurring headaches, they can grow used to taking anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce symptoms. Over time, however, overuse of these medications can cause what’s known as a rebound headache. While chiropractors employ many different techniques to provide short- and long-term pain relief, they share a few things in common: namely, they are all non-invasive and do not rely on medication.

If you’re suffering from chronic headaches in the Archdale, NC, area, Stroud Chiropractic Clinic can introduce you to these and other alternative treatments for pain relief. Understanding that these complications can have many unique causes, Dr. Stroud will take time to review your symptoms in-depth in order to develop a custom treatment plan that will target your specific complications. In addition to carrying more than 30 years of experience, this award-winning chiropractor also uses advanced tools—such as the ProAdjuster™—to provide his clients with improved comfort and recovery. Visit this clinic online to learn more about their services or call (336) 434-2107 for a free first-time consultation.

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