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Pennies Worth Over $100,000! *How To Check If Your Have One December 15, 2017

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Pennies Worth Over $100,000! *How To Check If Your Have One, Freehold, New Jersey

It might sound unbelievable that old coins such as 1943 pennies can be worth over $100,000, but it is a true fact.

One example of rare and valuable coins is 1943 penny.  During WWII, the government banned the use of copper for pennies because they needed it for the war.  So in 1943 pennies were made out of 95% steel with a small zinc coating.  These pennies are very unique because of their color.  In previous years the government used to make pennies out of mostly copper.  Now a days pennies are only a very small coating of copper.

So the US mint began producing pennies made out of steel in 1943.  Howeveimager some copper pennies were still produced accidentally in 1943 and those are not only extremely rare, but extremely valuable as well.  Some are rumored to be worth $100,000 up to $1,000,000 + in some circumstances.  These pennies have been showing up in some of the most unexpected places.  You really never know what your coin or collection is worth unless you bring it in to an experienced coin buyer so they can appraise each and every coin very closely.

How To Check For Valuable 1943 Penny

Since the value of these rare pennies are no joke, there are people who will produce counterfeit 1943 pennies which are actually just steel coated in a very thin layer of copper.  Thankfully, there is an easy at home test to ensure you have a real 1943 copper penny and not a fake.

imageThe trick is to test the penny with a magnet.  If the 1943 penny sticks to the magnet, you know it must be steel.  However, if it does not stick to the magnet you might have just hit the jackpot.  To be sure you should get your coin or coin collection appraised by an experienced coin dealer / buyer.  This way you will get a real price of what someone is willing to offer after examining your coins and evaluating them based on rarity, condition and demand.

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