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Top 3 Water Well Problems in Winter December 27, 2017

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Top 3 Water Well Problems in Winter, Union, Pennsylvania

While you don’t have to worry about frozen groundwater in the winter months if you rely on a water well, you must take precautions to avoid several other cold-weather issues. Groundwater remains naturally warm thanks to the heat of the earth, but any exposed components connecting your well to your faucets are subject to freezing. Here are the three most common water well system issues in winter to keep the vital liquid flowing all season long.

3 Winter Water Well Issues to Avoid

1. Well Pump Issues

Your delicate water well pump is subject to harsh winter elements and can easily crack and break as water freezes and expands. Other system components are just as susceptible to winter damage, including the pump filter. Ensure your “pump house” is properly sealed and insulated, and add a fire-safe heat lamp to the enclosure. Underground pumps generally do not require extra attention in the winter.

2. Frozen Pipes

water wellUninsulated pipes freeze when the temperature drops. Keep all above-ground pipes in your home or a nearby structure, such as a small shed, thoroughly insulated to prevent this issue. Foam pipe insulation is sufficient, though heat tape and even old towels also work. You can also insulate the structure walls if applicable or place a heat lamp or space heater near basement piping. Checking your basement for drafts and sealing them with caulk is also strongly recommended.

3. Power Loss

Well pumps run on electricity and shut down in the event of an outage. Invest in a backup portable electric or natural gas generator to ensure everyone in your household has access to water when the power fails. You can also purchase large water storage containers to keep in your basement or another storage area.


If you experience any of these problems come winter, contact a professional service. Kuser Well Drilling in Canton, PA, provides Bradford County and the surrounding areas with a full list of well water services, including installation, repair, maintenance, drilling, and inspections. Devise a thorough well water maintenance schedule with the help of these friendly experts. Call (570) 673-8189 for your free service estimate or visit the website for more information.

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