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3 Benefits of Personal Training December 22, 2017

North Beacon Hill, Seattle
3 Benefits of Personal Training, Seattle, Washington

Hiring a personal trainer can put you on the fast track to success. Though some may want to try a few moves on their own, including a trainer can be one of the most effective ways to achieve your goal. If you’re thinking about personal training with a professional, keep in mind that it can be beneficial in more ways than one. Here are just some of the advantages.

3 Benefits of Working Out With a Personal Trainer

1. See Results

personal trainingA personal training expert can help you achieve your goals by creating a well-rounded program that takes into account what you desire and what your body needs. That’s a powerful combination—especially for a beginner who may not be sure how to proceed at first. Through a specially designed fitness program that is tailored to your needs, you’ll safely and effectively achieve your goals.

2. Develop Confidence

Exercising alone isn’t for everyone. Some people need a certain level of accountability to get out there every day and complete their cardio or weight training routine. Others simply benefit from the comfort of being under the watchful eye of a professional. A personal trainer helps you develop a certain inner confidence that allows you to work out independently, believe in yourself, and push through difficult moments.

3. Learn Techniques

It’s no secret that people don’t always perform exercises the right way. During personal training, your instructor will assess your performance to make sure that you’re holding your body in the proper position and not at risk for injury. This also ensures that you’re doing it the right way when you choose to work out alone.


Providing attentive, one-on-one personal training is what Keegan Thorpe of Ishifit does best. Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, this personal trainer understands that everyone has unique needs. If you’re in Seattle and are interested in improving your strength and developing your fitness skills, get in touch today. Visit the website to learn more about their programs, or call (206) 250-7509 to schedule a one-on-one session.

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