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What You Should Know About Roadside Assistance December 22, 2017

Aurora-Lemeta, Fairbanks North Star
What You Should Know About Roadside Assistance, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska

In Alaska during winter, a flat tire, dead battery, or another automobile issue that leaves you stranded is not only bothersome but also potentially dangerous. At such times, a dependable roadside assistance service is invaluable. In addition to a ride to the airport, Arctic Taxi, the leading cab service in Fairbanks, AK, also offers around-the-clock help to stranded motorists. In the sections below, they explain everything you need to know about roadside assistance.

What Is Roadside Assistance?

Taxi service in Fairbanks, AKWhen you experience some type of vehicular breakdown you cannot fix yourself, a roadside assistance service will come to your aid. The driver will attempt to repair whatever problem you're facing, but if the issue cannot be remedied on-site, they will transport you — and often your vehicle — to safety. Most towing companies offer roadside assistance, as do many taxi services. When the weather is inclement or temperatures fall below freezing, it can be a real life-saver.

What Services Does Roadside Assistance Consist Of?

It’s happened to many people: you’re in a hurry and you lock your car from the inside door, leaving the keys sitting inside. Fortunately, roadside assistance includes lockout service to get your keys back. Also, if you leave your light on and drain the vehicle’s battery, the driver will provide a jump-start to get you back on the road. To ensure they’re always available when you need them, the top providers are ready to assist 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

If you need roadside assistance, contact Arctic Taxi in Fairbanks, AK. In addition to airport drop-offs and quick trips around town, they offer fast, reliable jump-start and lockout service. Visit their website to learn more about the company and connect with them online, or call (907) 455-0000 to request 24/7 help.

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