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3 Lifesaving Laundry Tips to Learn From the Laundromat December 26, 2017

Bethany, Lincoln
3 Lifesaving Laundry Tips to Learn From the Laundromat, Lincoln, Nebraska

With work to do, children to feed, and bills to pay, finding enough time in the day to do laundry is taxing for homemakers on a tight schedule and difficult for those with little laundry know-how. To save you time, money, and stress, consider these lifesaving laundry tips every laundromat knows as well as they know washers.  

3 Laundry Lifesavers to Remember 

1. Divide Darks & Lights

One of the best ways to save time when doing laundry is to keep your dark and light clothes in two individual hampers. Although tossing all of your dirty clothing into one container seems timesaving at the moment, having to sift through your garments later to divide everything up is a hassle when trying to clean clothes in a pinch. To save time in the long run, invest in two separate clothing bins.

2. Decrease Detergent

laundromatOver time, the strong cleaning chemicals in detergents can be incredibly damaging to clothing. Although this cleaning agent is essential to efficiently sanitizing clothes, using large amounts of laundry soap can overprocess fabrics, fade colors, and wear down the overall quality of clothing. Additionally, regularly replacing worn, faded clothes can be expensive. Save the condition of your clothing, and your hard-earned cash, by using less detergent when doing laundry at the laundromat or at home.

3. Unshrink With Shampoo

As every professional laundromat knows, one of the best ways to return shrunken clothes to their original shape is to wash them with baby shampoo. To resize your shriveled clothes, simply fill a bucket with room temperate water and a few tablespoons of baby shampoo. After massaging the shrunken article with your hands and allowing it to absorb the solution, squeeze the water out of the piece of clothing. Next, lay the damp garment on top of a dry towel, roll the garment up in the towel, and press down. To finish the reshaping routine, stretch the piece of clothing out on a blanket and allow it to dry. To speed up the process, lay the item of clothing in front of a fan.


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