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5 Benefits of Massages February 7, 2018

Mendenhall Valley, Juneau
5 Benefits of Massages, Juneau, Alaska

When it comes to defining the perfect day of relaxation, many people immediately think about the calming effects of massages. But, did you know several great health benefits come with a soothing massage? Below, Rejuvenation Salon & Spa in Juneau, AK, shares some of these advantages.

5 Benefits of Massages

1. Treats Physical Pain

While massages are already known to loosen tight muscles after an intense workout, they also have many other physical health benefits. They are known to alleviate pain caused by headaches, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, joint pain, and other injuries. If you experience any number of painful health problems, treating yourself to a massage may be just what the doctor ordered.

2. Relieves Mental Health Struggles

When done right, massages improve mental relaxation as well. This can lead to better mental health, reducing depression and anxiety. Take the time to enjoy this natural remedy, whether you’re dealing with low spirits or chronic depression.

3. Improves Sleep

With that improved mental health comes longer nights of deeper sleep. Insomnia is an often-overlooked, yet debilitating, concern, but massage therapy can help. Not only does it soothe the physical pain that may be keeping you up at night, but it can also ease the mental tension that keeps you from turning your thoughts off at night.

4. Boosts Immunity

MassagesDo you get sick at every change in the weather or by making brief contact with someone with a cold? If so, getting regular massages can help you fight those viruses. Massage therapy is known to help boost your white blood cell count, improving your ability to fight off illness.

5. Enhances Overall Well-Being

Even if you good physically and emotionally, massage therapy can improve your quality of life. Enjoy increased joint mobility and circulation with the stimulation of a thorough massage. It can help you reap benefits you can’t necessarily see or feel, but it makes all the difference.

You can use any of these reasons to justify a relaxing trip to the spa for a massage. Rejuvenation Salon & Spa creates a calm environment so their clients can always feel comfortable. This hair and nail salon offers full spa packages. They do things the healthy, natural way so you can look and feel good. Contact them today at 907-790-3362 or visit their website to learn more.

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