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3 Problems Leather Repair Can Address December 27, 2017

New York, New York
3 Problems Leather Repair Can Address, New York, New York

When your favorite leather jacket gets nicked, you don’t have to part with your dear possession. With the help of a trusted leather repair expert, you can have your garment returned to pristine condition. The professionals at Wo's Custom Tailoring in New York, NY, explain that there is a world of difference between a cheap kit purchased online and the handiwork of a custom tailor. Here they discuss three problems the latter can solve. 

What Can You Turn to Leather Repair For?

1. Scratches

As careful as you might be, accidents happen. If you notice scratches on your leather garment, a tailor can, fortunately, address these marks. Using a special lotion, buffing, and heating methods, a professional will ensure the abrasions fade back into the material.  

2. Tears

leather repairIf your item gets torn, you can bring it to a tailor. They will first clean the area around the damage, then make an incision to ensure the tear forms a straight line since any irregularity makes the operation difficult. Finally, a small piece of leather will be added and colored to match the rest of your garment. 

3. Gummy Residues 

If a spill leaves a stain on your leather item, a professional will use a special conditioner to treat the affected area. After first darkening it, they’ll stretch it out to achieve more lightness and perform a color matching with an airbrush, if necessary, to remove any incongruity. 

If you have a damaged item and need swift and skillful leather repair, turn to the seasoned team at Wo's Custom Tailoring. Serving New York City clients for over 40 years, they’ve built a reputation for quality craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. You can get in touch with a friendly and helpful staff member by calling (212) 988-9889. Learn more about the tailoring shop by visiting their website

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