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Cincinnati Insulation Contractors Explain Why Temperatures Fluctuate in Rooms Over Garages January 3, 2018

Kenwood, Sycamore
Cincinnati Insulation Contractors Explain Why Temperatures Fluctuate in Rooms Over Garages, Sycamore, Ohio

Having an attached garage is often convenient for homeowners, as they don’t have to brave bad weather or dark conditions to access their car. Although there are benefits to owning this particular type of garage, the insulation contractors at All Season Insulation LLC in Cincinnati, OH, know temperature fluctuations in nearby rooms can be a concern. Below, they explain what causes inconsistencies in room temperatures above, within (bonus room), or adjacent to garages. 

Why Is the Room Temperature Over or Near Your Garage Inconsistent?

Transition Walls Are Poorly Insulated 

Homeowners are often concerned that the garage ceiling isn’t insulated and therefore causing the problem. However, rooms that extend into the garage attic structure or adjoin a garage attic are often the problem. This is usually due to poorly insulated transition walls. The wall area between the transition of an upper room into the garage attic wall normally provides low thermal heat performance. Those walls may have 3.5 inches of insulation and a vapor barrier, but that isn’t enough to stop the thermal transfer. In the summertime, that garage attic heat will penetrate the walls of the adjoining room, and, in the winter, the rooms heat can easily escape.  That radiant heat needs to be stopped with proper radiant insulation. 

There Isn’t Enough Sealant 

insulation contractorsWhen the garage and rooms above it were constructed, cavities could have been left between the joists and studs connecting the unconditioned and conditioned spaces. Typically, an ample amount of sealant is applied to safeguard against air leakage between the garage ceiling and floorboards of the above rooms. If there is a lack of sealant, it’s difficult to control air leaks and room temperature. 

Electrical Wiring & Cable Penetrations Cause Air Leaks

Connecting electrical wiring and cables from the garage to the rest of the house can cause room temperature fluctuations. When the utilities are routed through floors, walls, ceilings, wall plates, and other structural materials, the penetrations can leave air leaks behind. 

If the room temperature over the garage is causing spikes in heating and cooling costs, the insulation contractors at All Season Insulation LLC will work to restore your property’s comfort and efficiency. They’ll inspect the area for air leaks in support beams, insulation, and other building materials. Then, they’ll guide you through your options to determine the best solution for your needs. To schedule an insulation installation or free inspection in Cincinnati, Dayton, or northern Kentucky, call (513) 316-7622 to speak with a representative. Visit the insulation contractors online for special offers.

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