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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Reach-In Cooler January 16, 2018

Campbellsville, Taylor
3 Tips for Maintaining Your Reach-In Cooler, Campbellsville, Kentucky

Whether you’re a restaurant providing the freshest ingredients to your customers or a medical facility keeping life-saving medicines at the proper temperature for your patients, your reach-in cooler is essential to your business. To prevent breakdown of your cooling equipment, the refrigeration service experts at Commercial Refrigeration of KY in Campbellsville, KY, offer these top three maintenance tips so you can keep your reach-in cooler or freezer working as it should.

3 Tips to Keep Your Reach-In Cooler Operating Properly

1. Monitor Temperatures

Proper temperature is essential to make sure that your food stays fresh, your flowers don’t wilt, and your medication remains viable for patients. Even the smallest temperature fluctuations can cause huge problems when it comes to sensitive produce or ingredients. When you monitor daily temperature fluctuations, you can quickly notice if there is an issue with the rest of your reach-in cooler, which means you can have it fixed sooner.

2. Check Electrical Connections 

reach-in coolerOnce a year, have a professional check all of your electrical connections to ensure they are working. Loose electrical wires can cause your system to use more energy by raising the amperage, which can also increase your electric bill. More seriously, it could cause an electrical fire or another work-related accident. Talk to your refrigeration services about scheduling a regular maintenance appointment to minimize issues.

3. Inspect Hinges & Latches

Hinges and latches ensure that the doors of your cooler close properly. Issues with these two parts can be the main source of temperature fluctuations and product contamination. These parts of your equipment are also used multiple times a day, which subjects them to regular wear and tear. Make sure that your latches are tightly fastened and your hinges are well lubricated to keep your doors working properly.

Your reach-in cooler keeps the most important components of your business at peak quality, so take time to maintain it. Regular maintenance helps your refrigeration system avoid mishaps. For more information about refrigeration services and commercial freezers and coolers, visit Commercial Refrigeration of KY online or call (606) 679-2339.

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