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3 Defensive Driving Tips to Stay Safe on the Highway December 27, 2017

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3 Defensive Driving Tips to Stay Safe on the Highway, Rochester, New York

When you take your car on the highway, you need to take a whole new set of rules into account. At such high speeds, every decision matters even more than usual, which makes practicing defensive driving an absolute must. So which habits do you need to adopt for safe highway driving? Morgan School of Driving in Fairport, NY, offers their top three recommendations.

3 Defensive Driving Tips for the Highway

1. Keep Your Distance

At higher speeds, it takes longer to come to a complete stop. Because of this, increasing your following distance is essential, especially during heavy traffic conditions or severe weather. Ideally, you should maintain a following distance of greater than three seconds to ensure you avoid rear-ending the vehicle in front of you should it come to a sudden halt. If weather or road conditions are sub-par, add more time to gain more space.

2. Tune Out Distractions

defensive drivingUsing your phone while driving is dangerous at any time, but it can be especially perilous when on the highway. At 60 miles per hour, your car will travel over 350 feet in only four seconds. Looking down for “just a moment” to check your phone could easily result in a deadly accident. Put your phone away and avoid other distractions like eating or adjusting the radio so you can stay focused on the road.

3. Check Mirrors & Blind Spots

When driving on a multi-lane highway, it isn’t unusual to have vehicles try to pass you on both your right and your left. This makes using your rearview and side mirrors more important than ever. You should regularly check the mirrors to stay aware of other vehicles around you. After you switch on your turn signal to change lanes, look in your mirrors, and then check your blind spot before moving over.

Whether you need to improve your defensive driving abilities or get your first driver’s license, Morgan School of Driving will help you prepare for the road. With a wide variety of private lessons available, they’ll ensure you become a safe and proficient driver. To learn more, visit them online, or call (585) 288-6290.

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