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Should You Pick Light or Dark Hardwood Floors? December 22, 2017

Manorville, Suffolk County
Should You Pick Light or Dark Hardwood Floors?, Manorville, New York

If you’re putting new floors in your home, hardwood is a great choice because it’s timeless and easy to maintain. Whether you opt for light or dark colors is mostly up to your personal style preference. Hamptons Wood Flooring can install your new flooring and transform your space per your specifications. Here, these experts from Manorville, NY, offer some considerations for choosing the color of your hardwood floors.

How to Choose Between Light & Dark Hardwood Floors

1. Your Space

Light flooring is best for small rooms because it will make the space appear larger. If you have your heart set on a dark color, though, choose a light paint color for your wall, add mirrors, and switch your window treatments to let in more light. Generally, open floor plans and large homes look great with dark hardwood floors.

2. The Inhabitants

hardwood floorThink about the likelihood of dirt and scratches. If you have pets or small children, light hardwood floors may be better because dirt and scratches aren’t as noticeable as they are on darker floors. If you prefer dark flooring, you should consider not choosing the darkest options to keep your floors looking cleaner. You can also add a satin finish to hide dents, scratches, and dirt. 

3. The Contrast

Wood floors are neutral and go with most types of furniture. However, if you have red-toned pieces, you don’t want any red tones in your flooring. Instead, you should choose something light or dark brown. If you have wood-colored kitchen cabinets, you need to choose flooring that contrasts with that color. For example, dark floors look better with lighter cabinets and vice versa.

To find the hardwood floors that are  right for you, come to Hamptons Wood Flooring and take a look at the options. Their experts will customize the installation for your house and work with you from start to finish. Visit the website for more information about the services they offer, or call (631) 839-7397 to get a free estimate.