Waikiki, Hawaii

Planning the Ultimate Hawaiian Vacation December 20, 2017

Waikiki, Honolulu
Planning the Ultimate Hawaiian Vacation , Honolulu, Hawaii

A trip to the cerulean waters and natural wonder of Hawaii tops many a bucket list. Hawaii offers the richest, most beautiful scenery and travel experiences in the world, so it’s no wonder so many long to vacation there. If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit, you’ll want to plan carefully to ensure you make the most of your magical journey.

How to Plan the Perfect Hawaiian Vacation

1. Select Your Islands

First, you need to determine which islands you want to visit while you’re there. If you only have a week, you may want to minimize travel time by sticking to Oahu, known as “The Gathering Place.” Oahu overwhelmingly remains the most popular Hawaiian island to visit for a reason—it’s incredibly stunning and rife with an array of colorful activities for every type of traveler. Oahu boasts world-famous Waikiki Beach, Honolulu City, and some of the most epic hiking trails, snorkeling, and guided tours on the planet. It is also home to Iolani Palace and Pearl Harbor.

It’s easy to fly into Oahu, and if you have more than a week of travel time, you may want to branch out by heading to Maui or Kauai for further adventure.

2. Book Your Accommodations

vacationTo maximize your Hawaiian experience, you will want to select a hotel near the sparkling ocean. In addition to prioritizing amenities, select a destination that offers a concierge service to help you book activities. A quality service will help make planning luaus, shows, island tours, and ocean dives a breeze. In general, seaside resorts tend to provide the most perks for your dollar.

3. Plan Your Adventure

Finally, it’s time to plan the details and pack your bathing suit. Whether you want to relax on the beach or snorkel with the fish, there’s something for everyone in beautiful Hawaii. The food is mouthwatering, and the people are warm and friendly—so don’t miss out on anything this paradise has to offer.


For the vacation of a lifetime on Oahu, look no further than The Imperial Hawaii Resort. Situated on the stunning Waikiki beachfront, the resort provides the lavish amenities and top-quality customer service you need for the ultimate experience. To learn more about how the team can help you plan your trip, visit their website. You may also call a friendly professional at (808) 923-1827 to make a reservation.

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