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5 Maintenance Tips to Keep Tractor Repairs at a Minimum December 20, 2017

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5 Maintenance Tips to Keep Tractor Repairs at a Minimum, Harris, North Carolina

Tractors are major investments that help keep your property in excellent condition. To get the most out of your investment, it’s essential to care for your equipment as best as possible. Performing routine, preventive maintenance is the most effective way to keep tractor repairs at a minimum and ensure your tractor is always in optimal working order. Below are a few critical steps you can incorporate into your regular maintenance routine to help keep major repairs at bay.

5 Maintenance Tips to Minimize the Need for Tractor Repairs

1. Keep the Fuel Tank Full

It’s good to run your tractor using fresh fuel, so top off your supply whenever possible. Additionally, fuel should never be more than three months old, so replace it if it’s been sitting for a while.

2. Change the Air Filter

Instead of blowing out your air filter, just replace it according to your owner’s manual. Using compressed air to blow the filter can create small holes, which could allow dirt to pass through to your secondary filter and then to the engine.

3. Check Your Battery

tractor repairRegularly check to make sure your battery’s electrical connections are secure. Often, people may think they need major tractor repairs, when the solution could be as simple as tightening battery cables. Also, perform a visual inspection to make sure there’s no corrosion.

4. Perform Regular Cleanings

Left unaddressed, grass clippings and dirt can contribute to rust and general wear on your tractor. Use water and mild soap to gently slough away buildup from your tractor’s body and underside. Just wash in moderation to prevent corrosion in the electrical system, and always allow the tractor to dry fully before use.  

5. Consult Your Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual will help you determine the proper schedule for tuneups and other preventive maintenance, and it may also provide recommendations on the best tractor parts for your equipment. When you stay on track with your service and use your tractor as directed, you’ll extend its life span to secure the greatest possible return on investment.


Of course, some tractor repairs are ultimately unavoidable. If you need high-quality service for your farm equipment, Stanly Tractor Company can help. Located in New London, NC, these tractor specialists have provided retail and maintenance services to the Albemarle community for more than 50 years. To learn more, visit their website or call (704) 983-1106 to schedule tractor repairs.

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