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How Insurance Can Make Your Holiday Travels Safer December 20, 2017

Tremonton, Box Elder
How Insurance Can Make Your Holiday Travels Safer, Tremonton, Utah

From packing winter wear to scheduling flights, holiday travel is full of decisions. But when it comes to protecting your family and your belongings, picking an insurance policy shouldn’t be a stressful choice. As a trusted Farmers® Insurance agent in Tremonton, UT, Brent Layton discusses a few ways you can count on your coverage to keep you safe during your travels this holiday season.   

3 Holiday Travel Risks That Insurance Can Help Cover

insurance1. Road Trip Emergencies

Before you hit the road to visit family, you’ll want to make sure your car insurance has all the right coverage. Since snow, ice, and heavy traffic increase the risk of auto accidents, it’s important to make sure your policy will provide the necessary coverage for collisions.

Beyond standard coverage, you might also want to consider adding roadside assistance to your policy. If cold weather kills your car battery or causes a flat tire, this insurance add-on will help you get the professional assistance you need to prevent you from becoming stranded on a faraway road.

2. Missing Bags  

Taking a flight instead of a road trip can simplify holiday travel, but it still has risks. The high number of winter travelers can strain luggage operations, increasing the potential that your suitcase may go missing. If that happens, there’s a good chance that your airline will cover the missing goods. However, you might also want to review your homeowners or renters insurance policy, as they will often pay for lost luggage.

3. Break-Ins   

Over the years, the holiday season has become increasingly associated with crime. If your family is traveling, your home can become a prime target for burglars. Similarly, criminals are more likely to break into cars during this time of year to steal gifts inside.

While taking security precautions can lower these risks, your renters and home insurance can provide extra protection. Talk with your insurance agent to see how your policies can cover personal property damage and stolen belongings if break-ins occur.

Whether your holiday travels have you curious about your auto policy or the affordability of renters insurance, Brent Layton of Farmers Insurance is the trusted agent to help. Backed with 25 years of experience and a nationally-recognized network, this Tremonton, UT, agent can optimize coverage while limiting excessive costs. To learn about your insurance coverage options, call Brent Layton at (435) 257-3829. You can also follow him on Facebook to learn more about protecting your family, home, car, or business.

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