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6 Questions to Ask a Guitar Lessons Instructor January 18, 2018

New York, Richmond
6 Questions to Ask a Guitar Lessons Instructor, New York, New York

Playing an instrument is a creative outlet, a stress reliever, and a productive way to stimulate your brain. Enrolling in guitar lessons is an excellent way to get started, but first, you need to find the right teacher. DEA Music and Art on Staten Island, NY, offers art and music lessons with experienced and dedicated teachers. They are focused on music education and developing their students’ potential. Here’s what their teachers suggest you ask your prospective guitar instructor.

6 Questions to Ask a Guitar Instructor

1. What Style Do You Teach?

guitar lessonsIf you want to learn a specific style, make sure your prospective teacher offers it. If they offer more than one style, you may want to learn different ones to become a more versatile and skilled guitar player.

2. How Much Teaching Experience Do You Have?

Even if someone has been playing the guitar for decades, they might not be an excellent teacher. It’s the way they offer guidance and translate their knowledge that counts. Teaching guitar lessons is a skill that takes patience and training, and you’ll learn faster and more effectively under the guidance of someone with plenty of experience.

3. Can You Read Music?

Reading music isn’t required for guitar, as guitar music is typically notated in tabs. However, a guitar instructor who can read both tabs and traditional music probably has more formal training and experience, and can likely teach a more diverse array of musical styles.

4. How Much Musical Education Do You Have?

A music teacher’s educational background reveals a lot about their versatility and professionalism. You might not need someone with a postgraduate degree in music, but some formal musical training will allow you to advance further in your guitar lessons.

5. Do You Have a Preferred Teaching Method?

Find out what to expect from a typical lesson, and what instructional materials, if any, you’ll need to have. There are many teaching techniques for guitar, and some teachers may employ multiple methods depending on a student’s learning style.

6. How Many Guitar Students Do You Currently Teach?

A successful guitar instructor may have a dozen or more students at a time—unless they are teaching guitar at an advanced level and only take a few students. Make sure your prospective instructor isn’t so overbooked that you won’t be able to schedule a convenient lesson time.

Learning guitar can be a joy under the right instructor, whether you pursue individual instruction or join a music class. Begin your musical journey today by calling DEA Music and Art at (718) 370-7733. You can also learn more about guitar lessons online and schedule a free trial class.