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3 Benefits of Upgrading to a Wireless Digital Thermostat January 2, 2018

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3 Benefits of Upgrading to a Wireless Digital Thermostat, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

As the temperatures drop below freezing, you need a reliable HVAC system to stay warm. To save money on your heating bill through the frigid months ahead, you may want to upgrade to a wireless digital thermostat. In addition to regular HVAC maintenance, upgrading your system improves efficiency and comes with a number of other exciting benefits.  

Beyond HVAC Maintenance: Why Upgrade to a Digital Thermostat?

1. Convenience

To control a traditional thermostat, you must manually alter the temperature on the device installed in your home. When you upgrade to a wireless digital device, you can adjust your system from wherever you are. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, you can adjust your home’s temperature at the tap of your smartphone or laptop.

2. Improve Efficiency 

hvac maintenanceRegular HVAC maintenance isn’t the only way for your system to achieve maximum efficacy. Smart wireless thermostats can track your heating habits and suggest adjustments to reduce energy waste. Many units also come with movement sensors, which can compel the system to automatically adjust temperatures to conserve energy when no one is present. You can also pull up reports on the thermostat app to see how much energy you consume and where. 

3. Save Money

Switching to a wireless digital thermostat will ultimately save you money on your heating bill. Not only can you conveniently control your system when you forget to do so at home, but you can also customize your settings to bolster comfort and reduce energy waste. When you upgrade, you could save up to $400 on your heating and cooling costs each year.


To stay warm and save money this season, consider upgrading to a wireless digital thermostat. Barkley Blevins Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning offers an extensive selection of smart thermostats that will revolutionize your space—and your heating bill. The premier team also offers the high-quality HVAC maintenance and repairs Lexington, KY, locals need. To learn more about the selection of furnaces, air conditioners, and thermostats, visit the company online. You can also call a helpful professional at (859) 252-3519.

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