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Pull-A-Part, located at 3520 27th Avenue in Birmingham, is the city’s best source for used auto parts, cheap car parts, and junk cars. If you’re interested in buying or selling car parts today, this junkyard is the one to visit! Stop by the expansive salvage yard today, and call (205) 252-7278 to get started.

Pull-A-Part Used Auto Parts Gives Top Five Tips on Prepping Your Car for a Road Trip March 25, 2015

North Birmingham, Birmingham
Pull-A-Part Used Auto Parts Gives Top Five Tips on Prepping Your Car for a Road Trip, Birmingham, Alabama

At Pull-A-Part, it’s easy to say we know a thing or two about how to keep a car running. With such a huge and diverse inventory, we are familiar with every part needed to keep your vehicle in perfect condition. If you are itching to get your car on the road for a long drive this summer, we’ve got some recommendations for ensuring your automobile is truly road trip ready. Check out our checklist below to learn more!

1. Pack a GPS – Nothing is worse than finding yourself totally lost in an unfamiliar city, in the dark, with a near-empty gas tank. Make sure to pack a reliable GPS system so you can have it in your corner when things don’t go as expected. From predicting traffic-routes, suggesting the most efficient directions, locating the nearest rest stops, gas stations and more, a GPS system is no longer up for debate when it comes to figuring out what to pack. If you don’t already have a GPS, take a quick look at the features now available on your phone. Many have GPS navigation features included, such as most Android and iPhone models.

2. Emergency Supplies – All of us want to think that we are invincible and impervious to danger, but the truth is, it never hurts to be prepared. You probably already have an emergency kit in your car, but who knows when you last checked what was inside? Restock on fresh water bottles, nutritious snacks, and make sure you have a blanket, first-aid kit, flashlight, batteries, and a mini tool set packed as well. You never know!

3. Tires – One of the most important things you can do before jumping in the car is carefully checking your tires to make sure they are properly inflated and giving your tires an extra close look to determine if there are any cracks or tears as well. You should also check on your spare to make sure it’s in good shape, and ensure you have all your tire-changing tools on hand.

4. Spring Cleaning – After the winter season, it’s more than likely you’ve got some snow gear, cold weather clothes, and random bits and bobs that you no longer need now that spring is finally here. Give your car a thorough purging to make sure you only have the things you really need when you head out for your trip. Not only does a lighter car burn less fuel, it also helps both the driver and the passengers feel less stressed and cramped along the way.

5. Gas – You’d be surprised how often people think to do all the secondary stuff when planning a road trip and forget the most rudimentary step there is. The day before you set out onto the open road, make sure to stop by your local gas station and fill up your tank.

After reading this article, are you starting to have some doubts about the quality of your car parts? Make your road trip a fun and worry-free experience by dropping by your local Pull-A-Part salvage yard today and prepping your car. You can also check out our inventory system to quickly find cheap car parts. Happy travels! 

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