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How to Keep Your Walk-In Cooler Properly Sealed February 1, 2018

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How to Keep Your Walk-In Cooler Properly Sealed, Anchorage, Alaska

Your walk-in cooler is one of the most essential items for running your restaurant. It ensures that your ingredients are kept at the proper temperature so that your customers receive the freshest dishes. However, staff frequently moves in and out of your cooler doors, which subject the components to wear and tear. This can lead to temperature fluctuations that can damage your ingredients, increase your energy costs, and hurt your reputation. Follow some basic tips to keep your walk-in cooler properly sealed so that your ingredients stay fresh.

Latch & Hinges

Your latches and hinges are important parts of your walk-in cooler that keep it sealed properly. If your latches are dirty, cold air can escape, which can damage the food in your refrigerator and freezer. Make sure that your latches are kept clean, and train employees to handle the doors with care. In addition, your hinges should also be well-lubricated, tightened, and aligned so that the doors can open and close smoothly.

Electrical Lines 

walk-in coolerMoisture is a large issue when it comes to the safety of your walk-in cooler. It’s necessary to make sure that all conduits are sealed to avoid electrical issues and potential moisture collection. Make sure to check all of the lines in the walls and ceilings in and around your walk-in cooler to ensure they’re properly sealed.


If you’re facing larger gap problems, you may need a professional to install silicone caulk or spray expansion foam. Your repair contractor will apply these in small amounts underneath the trim of your cooler and in increasing amounts depending on how much they expand. Foams and caulk help seal in moisture and keep the air in your freezer cool.


If you need to secure your walk-in cooler to maintain the high quality of your ingredients, contact the restaurant refrigeration experts at Refrigeration & Food Equipment in Anchorage, AK. They provide commercial freezer and refrigerator repair and supply restaurant equipment parts to keep your facility running smoothly. For a full list of their services and products, visit them online or call (907) 248-2525 to find out more about how to properly seal your walk-in cooler.

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