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3 Reasons Veterinarians Encourage Spaying December 22, 2017

Prairie du Chien, Crawford
3 Reasons Veterinarians Encourage Spaying, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

If your female pet hasn’t been spayed yet, it’s important to consider making an appointment soon. Otherwise, she may experience some health issues. The team of veterinarians at Tender Care Animal Hospital in Prairie Du Chien, WI, wants to ensure your beloved friend is happy and healthy and strongly recommends this procedure for the following reasons. 

Why It’s Necessary to Spay Your Family Pet

1. Avoid Heat Cycles

Similar to how women experience premenstrual syndrome, an unspayed female pet will go through heat cycles. This will result in a bloody discharge and mood swings and may even give your cat or dog motivation to wander. Most veterinarians recommend having your pet spayed before their first heat cycle begins at six months old, but if you have a slightly older animal who hasn’t had the procedure, it may not be too late.

2. Prevent Health Issues

veterinarianWhen a dog or cat isn’t spayed, it puts them at risk for health issues, such as tumors in their mammary glands. These can also grow in the uterus and ovaries, leading to cancer. Spaying doesn’t just reduce your animal’s risk of developing cancer. It also prevents pyometra, which tends to be common in dogs. With this health condition, the uterus fills with pus, damaging other organs in the process if it’s not treated. Having a qualified veterinarian perform the procedure ensures your beloved pet stays healthy.

3. Reduce the Number of Homeless Animals

Pet owners who don’t spay their cats and dogs might find themselves with an unexpected litter on their hands. Unfortunately, this increases the number of animals stuck in shelters or homeless on the streets. Unless you’re prepared to take on a whole litter of kittens or puppies, having your pet spayed will save you money and a headache.

If your dog or cat isn’t spayed, take her to your veterinarian as soon as possible. As a trusted part of the Prairie Du Chien community, the team at Tender Care Animal Hospital is known for keeping area pets happy and healthy. They’ll work with you to ensure your beloved friend receives high-quality care and avoids serious illnesses. For more information, give them a call at (608) 326-7101, or visit their website.

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