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Fairport Plumber Shares 3 Benefits of Septic Systems December 21, 2017

Henrietta, Monroe
Fairport Plumber Shares 3 Benefits of Septic Systems, Henrietta, New York

Today, many homeowners prefer septic systems over municipal sewer lines. According to the plumbers at McKenna’s Rochester Kitchen and Bath Centers in Fairport, NY, septic tanks are cost-effective and kind to the environment when properly maintained. Below are the top benefits of septic tanks and why they are the right choice for your home. 

Top Reasons to Have a Septic System

1. Cost

Installing new sewer lines is expensive. Septic systems cost far less, especially for larger properties. Because they are designed to naturally drain waste water into the surrounding soil, you don’t have to pay a monthly bill for sewer lines. Additionally, septic tanks are designed to last long-term, provided they receive periodic maintenance and repairs as needed.

2. Water Usage

plumberThe daily water usage in a one-family home is about 70 gallons per person. This is a ton of water that passes through the septic system. Reducing the water usage helps to extend the lifespan of your septic system and lowers your utility bills. Decreasing water usage also lowers maintenance emergencies, saving you money overall. Tips for water efficiency include only running your washing machine and dishwasher when they’re completely full and turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth.

3. Longer-Lasting Appliances

From toilets to kitchen sinks, septic systems teach homeowners how to use appliances responsibly. Tanks can’t handle many of the items and materials that people flush away, causing clogs and a visit from the local plumber. The only item that should go down the drain is wastewater. All other debris—including personal hygiene products, cooking oils, and vegetable peels—should go into the trash. 

For over 50 years, McKenna’s Rochester Kitchen and Bath Centers has provided the Greater Rochester area with high-quality kitchen remodeling, floor installation, and septic services. To speak with a licensed plumber or remodeling representative, call (585) 427-2320 or visit them online today.

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