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3 Commercial Moving Tips to Reduce Downtime and Improve Productivity December 19, 2017

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3 Commercial Moving Tips to Reduce Downtime and Improve Productivity, Puyallup, Washington

When your business outgrows its current office space, it’s something to celebrate. After all, it means you’re growing, and the company is more successful than ever before. However, moving to that new office often means lower productivity until all of your employees are fully settled into the new location. At Safe to Go Movers in Tacoma, WA, we want to help reduce the stress of your upcoming move. Here are a few tips to help ensure you and your team stay as productive as possible during the commercial moving process.

3 Tips for Staying Productive Throughout the Commercial Moving Process

1. Start Early

Before the moving company arrives, give your team the time to go Commercial Movingthrough their desks and get rid of items they no longer need. Outdated documents, broken equipment, and old materials don’t need to be packed and moved only to be sorted again at your new location. The fewer items you need to take, the easier it will be to unpack, freeing up time for your team to resume work.

2. Label Everything Clearly

It’s vital to label boxes during the commercial moving process. Clear labels help make unpacking easier and setting up your new office space quicker. Have your team mark their belongings with their full name, department, and new office number or location if you know it ahead of time. This will reduce confusion and eliminate mix-ups, especially if you have multiple employees with the same name.

3. Move Computers on Your Own

If you want to stay as productive as possible throughout the move, let your team move their computers. This way, they’ll be able to work right up until the moving truck arrives. Then, as soon as the furniture gets to your new office, your team will be able to set up and start working again. This reduces the amount of downtime you and your team experience during the move and helps you get back on track to meeting your goals.

If you’re ready to relocate to a new and larger office, let our commercial moving experts help you take the stress out of moving. At Safe to Go Movers, we’ll take care of the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Learn more about our relocation services by visiting our website and see the difference that hiring a professional moving company can make. For a free estimate or to discuss your upcoming move, call (253) 268-9400.

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