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What You Can Expect When Visiting a Boba Tea Shop December 27, 2017

Kailua, Koolaupoko
What You Can Expect When Visiting a Boba Tea Shop, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

There’s no doubt about it—people can’t get enough of boba tea. Offering a unique blend of smooth milk teas and signature tapioca pearls, this dessert-like drink is a perfect refreshment for any day. But if you have yet to experience what this beverage is all about, catching up is easy. By reviewing the following list, you’ll know what to expect from high-quality tea shops and how you can make your first boba a flawless experience.  

5 Things to Know as a Boba Tea Customer

1. Milk Tea Options

Milk tea—made by combining a type of milk with a brewed tea—is the base of any boba drink. While most shops will have the standard flavor, many will offer a variety of blends to enhance the taste of your beverage. For example, you can choose a coconut blend for a more tropical taste or opt for taro if you prefer smooth vanilla qualities.  

2. Fresh Tapioca Texture

A good boba shop prepares fresh batches of tapioca pearls as needed throughout business hours—not in big batches that are reused the next day. When freshly cooked, these pearls should be perfectly chewy and offer a satisfying complement to the cool profile of the milk tea.

3.  Abundance of Add-Ons

boba teaStandard tapioca pearls aren’t the only thing that you can mix into your drink. Many shops offer a variety of add-ons that can introduce distinct textures and flavors to your beverage. Some popular favorites include fruit jellies, adzuki beans, and ice cream.

4. Sweet & Savory Snacks

For the complete experience, you may want to pair your beverage with one of many traditional snacks that shops tend to offer. Many enjoy a serving of taro, egg, or chocolate pudding with their cup of tea.  But if you’re looking for something more substantial, thick toast can be a satiating option as well.  

5. Welcoming Atmosphere

People who work with bubble tea know that this drink is all about fun, so you should always expect friendly service when you order. And since boba is often a social experience, it’s ideal to have a shop where you don’t have to feel rushed and can take as many selfies as you want.


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