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Why Do You Need to Regularly Schedule Oil Changes? May 1, 2018

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Why Do You Need to Regularly Schedule Oil Changes?, Poulsbo, Washington

Of the many auto maintenance tasks that drivers need to concern themselves with, few seem to come up with greater frequency than oil changes. While some drivers might assume this means they can occasionally skip their regularly-scheduled oil change, this is far from the truth. As the team at Liberty Bay Auto Center, an auto repair center in Poulsbo, WA, explains, sticking with your oil change schedule is essential for your car’s long-term well-being.

Why Are Regular Oil Changes Important?

oil changesGetting oil changes on a routine basis will help your car last longer. Engine oil lubricates the many moving parts within the engine, while also keeping these parts cool. Over time, the oil in your engine will degrade in quality and no longer perform as it should. Without oil, parts will quickly overheat and damage each other due to friction, potentially causing costly engine damage.

As oil breaks down, the buildup of sludge can also lead to corrosion and eventually hurt your gas mileage. Your engine needs a certain viscosity of oil to run optimally, so, if you don’t take care of this necessary maintenance task on a regular basis, you could find yourself facing a wide range of repair issues and lower horsepower.

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

It’s recommended you get an oil change every six months or after driving 3,000 to 5,000 miles in moderate to severe conditions. However, your owner’s manual might recommend a slightly different schedule. By following your manufacturer’s recommendations, you can ensure your car will stay in good shape for several years to come.

Are you taking care of your car with routine oil changes? Let Liberty Bay Auto Center provide your vehicle with the service it needs to keep running smoothly. With over 25 years in business, you can trust this auto repair shop to deliver excellent work. To learn more about their services or schedule an appointment, visit them online or call (360) 697-4066.

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