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How Infections in Infancy Build Up Immunity Later in Life December 28, 2017

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How Infections in Infancy Build Up Immunity Later in Life, Cortlandt, New York

One phenomenon most parents notice when they first take their child to a licensed day care is that they get sick more often. This may raise concerns for parents, but, in fact, exposure to new environments and bacteria promotes long-term health and well-being in your little one. Here is a brief look at how kids learn to protect themselves by getting sick and why public environments are advantageous to their body’s strength and defense building.

How Infections Protect Your Child

Your child’s immune system isn’t fully developed when they’re an infant. While they’re learning how to play with others at a licensed day care, their body is developing ways to resist the viruses and bacteria that cause colds and sinus infections. Different studies have found that preschoolers at learning centers have the common cold more often, but it helps them acquire an immunity that protects them during the early school years.

licensed day careIf your child is sick more often as an infant or toddler, that doesn’t mean they’ll suffer from a higher number of infections for the rest of their lives. In fact, their immune system will likely be stronger than that of their stay-at-home peers as they’re building up a resistance to the viruses they’ve encountered. And since babies and toddlers touch everything, they have a lot of opportunities to test their natural defenses.

Advantages of Attending a Licensed Day Care

Children who attend licensed day cares get sick more often early in life, but they also get a head start in building their bodies’ defenses. Kids who were kept at home end up getting sick more frequently during their first school years because it’s their first exposure to crowds. Preschool programs improve children’s immunity, making it less likely for them to fall behind in class as a result of being unwell.


Babies and toddlers strengthen more than just their immune system when they go to a licensed day care. At A Rising Star Children’s Center in Cortlandt Manor, NY, early childhood learning is combined with fun games and outdoor activities. They also nourish your kid’s social and emotional development. Call the experienced teachers at (914) 788-4582, or visit the website for more information about what sets them apart.

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