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4 Tips to Deal With Tree Removal on Property Lines December 20, 2017

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4 Tips to Deal With Tree Removal on Property Lines, Kalispell, Montana

In a perfect world, everyone would love their neighbors, and each tree would stay on its own property. Unfortunately, foliage grows and matures or simply exists on property lines. This can often cause disputes between neighbors. If you’re dealing with a potential tree removal on property lines, here are a few helpful tips to navigate the situation. 

How to Handle Tree Removal on Property Lines

1. Know Tree Trimming Policies

Tree RemovalWhen admiring your own landscape and your neighbor’s, always look up and take note of extending branches. If the roots and trunk are on your property, but some of its branches extend onto your neighbor’s yard, it is within their rights to have those pieces trimmed, as long as they don’t impact the overall health and well-being of the plant. Should you have a particular vision for how you want your landscape to look, hire a trimming service on a regular basis to prevent greenery from extending beyond your property. 

2. Speak With Your Neighbor

The best way to avoid confrontation over landscaping is to reach out and have open communication with your neighbor. Whether you’re nervous about a trunk falling onto your home or afraid they’ll trim a beloved and beautiful limb back too far, you can save plenty of animosity by talking before you take action. By opening a friendly dialogue, you can prevent the need to pursue legal action or starting a long-term dispute.

3. Err on the Side of Safety

For many homeowners, tree removal service isn’t based solely on aesthetics. This job often comes out of necessity because the trunk is rotting or diseased or there’s a risk of falling. When in doubt, always err on the side of safety and move forward with removal plans if there’s a strong likelihood of damage to people, cars, or homes. If branches and debris originating from your property fall on your neighbor’s home, you’ll be responsible for the damages, so maintenance can save time, money, and headaches in the long run. 

4. Hire an Outside Expert

If you and your neighbor have conflicting ideas about the health of a tree and whether it poses any potential risk to either home, consider hiring a third party to take a closer look. Schedule an appointment with an arborist who has experience diagnosing plant-related diseases. By listening to an expert in the field, you’ll have a sound understanding of whether greenery on property lines truly needs to go. 


L & M Tree Service, located in the heart of Kalispell, MT, is the area’s trusted source for tree removal and trimming service. As experienced arborists, they can help you maintain your land through every season. If you need assistance extracting trunks on a property line, call them today at (406) 261-7240 to schedule an inspection, or visit their website for more information on what they do.

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