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Animal Hospital Sheds Light on Your Pet's Strange Eating Habits October 24, 2018

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Animal Hospital Sheds Light on Your Pet's Strange Eating Habits, Penfield, New York

Strange eating habits aren’t always a cause for alarm in animals, but it’s good to monitor any new developments in their behavior. While unusual eating patterns can seemingly occur out of nowhere, sometimes they’re a result of an underlying health issue. By addressing it with your pet’s veterinary staff early on, you may catch and resolve potential health issues before they worsen.  Clark Animal Care Center in Penfield, NY, is here to explain some common food habits in pets.

Eating Non-Food Items (Pica) 

animal hospitalIn an ideal world, pets would only eat the food intended for them. However, they may be inclined to gnaw on chew toys, furniture, and other non-food objects as a result of boredom. Called “pica,” eating non-food items can have serious implications on your pet’s health, and it could even cause life-threatening intestinal blockages. To prevent the issue, always supervise them while they’re playing with toys, and provide plenty of outlets to keep boredom at bay.

Carrying Food Elsewhere 

Most common in dogs, pets may sometimes scoop up some food from their bowl and carry it elsewhere to eat it. This often results from a perceived sense of competition. If you have more than one pet, the action could be due to a “pack mentality,” which prompts animals into thinking they have to keep their food away from threats. For this reason, keeping animals separated during meal times is a good practice.  

Refusal to Eat Altogether 

Any time your dog or cat is refusing to eat, you should schedule an appointment immediately. Refusal to eat could be a result of a virus, intestinal blockage, or similar serious health concern.

Clark Animal Care Center is committed to helping pet owners keep their furry friends healthy and happy. If your dog or cat isn’t eating or has another health concern, we will quickly diagnose and treat the issue. Our facility is AAHA-accredited and provides a broad range of services to meet each pet’s unique needs. To schedule an appointment, call (585) 377-1160.

You can also visit the center’s website for additional information.  


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