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3 Land Clearing Methods Explained December 19, 2017

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3 Land Clearing Methods Explained, Sunman, Indiana

If you’re planning to use undeveloped land, you may need to invest in land clearing. As a process that involves removing bushes, weeds, and trees, you need to consider a few factors to determine the best method for your land. Thankfully, the contractors at David Gunter Excavating in Sunman, IN, have more than 60 years of experience in the industry. Here, these experts share the three most common methods to consider for your needs.

Top 3 Methods of Land Clearing

1. Burning

land clearingA controlled fire is intended to burn only specific trees and plants in a pre-determined area. After the necessary brush is destroyed, the flames are extinguished. Keep in mind, however, that burning is not an ideal option in areas prone to brush fires. And if not controlled carefully, the resulting smoke may affect the health of surrounding citizens. In addition to respiratory problems, it may lower visibility on nearby roads.

2. General Bulldozing

More common than burning, bulldozing occurs when trees are knocked over with heavy machinery. While this method is relatively inexpensive and efficient, it’s not environmentally friendly. The process pulls up entire tree roots, which often results in the destruction of topsoil and facilitates erosion.

3. Forestry Mowing

This method uses huge machinery that includes large grinders. These machines can mow down and grind plants that are as large as medium-sized trees, resulting in mulch. This method is more costly than other options, but it promotes environmental sustainability by creating mulch and protecting topsoil.

If you need land clearing services for your undeveloped property, turn to the experts at David Gunter Excavating. With the latest technology and industry techniques, these professionals can clear your land in the Sunman and Batesville, IN, area efficiently and safely. Contact an excavating contractor today at (812) 569-7989 to learn more about their services, or follow them on Twitter for news and updates.

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