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Green Street Massage: Tips to Prepare & Recover From a Marathon March 27, 2015

Jamaica Central - South Sumner, Boston
Green Street Massage: Tips to Prepare & Recover From a Marathon, Boston, Massachusetts

The Boston area may have its share of health centers, but none have as much to offer as Green Street Massage. Since its inception, the yoga, acupuncture, and Reiki center has been introducing its clients to a brand new world of wellness and overall fitness. In addition to being experts in the art of herbal medicine and holistic healing, the center’s professionals are well versed in many aspects of sports training, and a great deal of their clients are runners or runners in training.

How do you prepare—and recover—from a marathon run? Keeping your routine steady is key in the week leading up to the event. As long as the foods you usually eat are high quality, low in fat, and not conducive to bloating, there’s no need to change your diet: just remember not to overdo it on the carbs. You should also make it a point to go to bed a bit earlier than usual, focus on keeping up your exercise regimen (but not adding to it unnecessarily) and thoroughly and continually hydrating yourself.

Recovery is certainly just as vital of a process. Take it easy after a taxing event like a marathon. Sometimes, refraining from working out at all can be the best thing to do the week after a run. There’s no need to worry about losing ground, as muscle memory will kick in once you start exercising again. Your body will let you know when it feels like getting back into the swing of things; so by listening to it, you’ll know when it’s time to take action.

Green Street Massage can help you accomplish all of these goals, and more. In addition to providing exemplary fitness advice, their team can help you achieve the kind of wellness that transforms mind and body alike—and provide you with the kind of sports massage that's guaranteed to make sore muscles feel like heaven. To find out more, and to start the process of getting your health up and runinng, call (617) 942-0149 today! 

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