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Jewelry Gift-Giving Tips for Men From NYC’s Custom Jeweler March 27, 2015

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Jewelry Gift-Giving Tips for Men From NYC’s Custom Jeweler, Manhattan, New York

Jewelry Gift-Giving Tips for Men- To Surprise or Not Surprise?

As a personal custom jeweler, I am hired to help select special occasion jewelry. Equally as often, I am hired to re-set stones from jewelry men have given to their girlfriends and wives - Sight-Un-Seen - AKA The Big Surprise.

Whether you are eight or eighty, there is nothing worse than a disappointing gift – especially an expensive one like fine jewelry. So, how can you to avoid this? Like everything else with relationships – communication is key.

Many of my clients own jewelry that was a gift from a loved one but they never really enjoyed wearing it. I often hear while conducting jewelry box evaluations that women love jewelry and don't want to discourage men from giving them beautiful gifts. But nothing is worse than receiving a costly piece of fine jewelry from a boyfriend, fiancé, or husband, and thinking "Am I really going to have to wear this?"

Contrary to the "Hallmark Moment" of surprise, isn't the point of a gift to give something the recipient will love? What a waste for a beautiful piece of fine jewelry to sit in a box under the guise of "I'll wear it on special occasions" or "I love it but I don't want to lose it". Trust me; regardless of shape and size, if your honey loves her "bling",she's going to wear it - as often as possible!

If given the opportunity, most women would prefer to select their own jewelry. As an active participant in picking out my own jewels, I can assure you that there are ways you can pick something special together and still get the big OMG and hug plus-plus when the little box gets opened. :)


TIP #1

  • Tell your wife/girlfriend that you want her to be a part of the process:
    • Ask her if there is anything she wants.
    • Suggest she look "around" and send you photos of things she likes.
    • Direct her to websites that you have found or ask her to find one she likes and e-mail selections to each other.

If you are not prepared to eliminate the surprise all together, here are additional tips to consider the next time you want to buy your special lady a piece of fine jewelry.

TIP #2

  • Meet with a jeweler that you trust - or visit their website - and select a few things within your budget that you think she would like.
  • Gift wrap an empty jewelry box containing pictures of each piece. Tell her she can fill this box with any one of the items.

TIP #3

  • Meet with a custom jeweler along with your wife or girlfriend - or look at a chosen website together - and ask her to select several things at various price-points. When you’re ready, surprise her with one of the items. Hopefully over time you will buy them all!
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