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Family Dentist Shares 3 Tips for Taking Care of Sensitive Teeth December 27, 2017

Anchorage, Anchorage, AK
Family Dentist Shares 3 Tips for Taking Care of Sensitive Teeth, Anchorage, Alaska

It’s hard to beat biting into a delicious, warm meal or taking a sip of a cool drink on a hot day, but if you deal with tooth sensitivity, the temperatures can be unbearable. Sensitive teeth require special care, and the staff at Huffman Family Dentistry in Anchorage, AK, wants to share a few tips to help you manage them. These at-home practices, alongside care from your family dentist, will ensure tooth sensitivity doesn’t cause chronic discomfort and keep you from enjoying what you love.

3 Tips for Sensitive Tooth Care

1. Limit Extreme Temperatures

Extremely hot and cold foods are the most common causes of irritation. Because the sensitive dentin of your teeth is exposed, it absorbs the temperatures more, which is what’s causing your discomfort. Try to limit your intake of these foods, and always allow time for them to cool down or warm up a bit.

2. Use the Right Dental Care Products

family dentistIt’s important to make sure you don’t strip your enamel more while you brush, so always use a toothbrush designed for sensitive teeth. You also need to refortify them, and fluoride toothpastes and washes can effectively help you achieve this. Speak with your family dentist about recommended products and brushing techniques at your next visit.

3. Stop Contributing Factors

Acidic and sugar-heavy foods are a primary cause of sensitivity, especially if you already have weak enamel. They’ll only wear it down further and make the condition worse. Limit these foods, and replace them with dark leafy greens and other healthy items. You should also speak with your family dentist about teeth grinding, as it may be a cause of enamel wear. This often occurs at night; you can wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth.

For more dental care tips, turn to a family dentist at Huffman Family Dentistry. They offer comprehensive services, including cosmetic dentistry, and will help ensure you’re taking proper care of your smile. Call (907) 345-7722 today to schedule an appointment, and visit their website to learn more about their practice.

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