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Power of Prayer December 26, 2017

Power of Prayer, Wagoner, Oklahoma

Power of Prayer


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you feel like your hands are tied and you have no hope? If so, be assured that you are not alone. A large percentage of people living today feel the same way, but there is hope.

I never truly realized the importance of prayer or even witnessed my prayers being answered until I actually started praying. It only took me about twenty-five years to understand that I’m not alone. And the truth is that whether I feel His presence or not, God is always with me.

I used to be the type of woman who thought that she could fix everything. I believed that I had full control of my life. That was until I sat down and actually took a look at the life “I had control of”. The hard truth was that I had actually made an absolute mess of the life God had given me.

After years of soul searching and some major “deep cleaning” in my spiritual life, I made the decision to let God have full control of my life. I gave everything I was and all that I had and entrusted it to God, because surely He knew better than I did. After allowing God to have all of me, I discovered how much incredible God’s love for me truly is. His love for humanity is unfathomable and He really cares about all the aspects and issues of our lives. And not only does He care, He listens. When we’re happy and excited, angry and frustrated, even when we’re sad and discouraged. When we pray to God, He listens.

There have been times when God would answer my prayers right away, at other times, the answer never came – at least not the one I expected. Make no mistake though, even when the answer doesn’t meet our expectations, God is listening and answering.  I have learned over the years that God knows what’s best for me and I just have to trust Him.

Prayer is the most powerful tool we have. Prayer can literally change your situation if you will simply surrender yourself to God and just ask for His help. We overcomplicate things, but it really isn’t that hard to simply talk to God.

I believe that one of the main reasons why people don’t pray and ask God for help is due to a lack of trust in Him and His Word. Pride is another big reason we fail to get the help we need. I’ve been there. Trust me. Pride will keep us from the blessings that God has preplanned for us. He has power beyond what we can imagine but we are His vessels here on earth and His power and Spirit should flow through us so that we can share His love. So, no matter what you’re dealing with, whether it’s your marriage, children, health, finances, salvation, whatever is bothering you, if you will believe by faith that God will answer your prayers and simply trust Him, you will receive.

Here at Shipman Funeral Home we are very fortunate to have a powerful prayer team that would be more than happy to stand in agreement with you for your prayer requests. If you would like to submit your prayers to us please do so at P.O. Box 454 Wagoner, Oklahoma, 74477 or email us at ajshipman31@gmail.com and feel free to remain anonymous if you would like.


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