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4 Common Questions About Custom Cakes December 19, 2017

Elyria, Lorain
4 Common Questions About Custom Cakes, Elyria, Ohio

Without cake, no birthday, anniversary, or wedding ceremony would seem complete. Customizing the flavors, colors, and shapes of these baked goods adds a personalized and heartfelt touch to your celebrations. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about customizing your cake orders.

4 FAQs About Custom Cakes

What Are Some Ways You Can Customize Cakes?

Bakeries offering customization services can tailor your order completely to the instructions you provide. Typically, the factors that come into play include the type of event, your preferred flavors, the number of guests, and the colors you prefer. You can also opt for character or photo cakes for milestone birthdays and anniversaries.

CakesDo Customers Get a Say in the Final Details?

You can dictate how you want the message to be displayed on your order and have it tailored to words and colors of your choice. It’s also not uncommon for bakers to accommodate decorative touches that fit with the design theme the customers have chosen for their special day.

What If a Client Wants Different Flavors in Each Layer?

Expert bakers offer you a wide variety of flavor options to choose from. There’s no restriction regarding the number of flavors you want to incorporate into the cake. Simply pick your favorites from their list and specify the filling you want between each layer.

What Size is Right for Your Event?

Consulting the experts at a local bakery can help you figure out the amount of cake you will need to feed your entire guest list. This way, you’ll make sure no one at your event is left without delicious dessert. 


Make your next event memorable with a celebratory cake. Get fully customized cake designs when you place your trust in the bakers at Dale’s Market & Deli. Their expertly crafted designer and photo cakes have earned them a stellar reputation throughout Elyria, OH, and the surrounding areas. For further information about the shop and their products, call (440) 365-6551 or visit their website.

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